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Volunteer with us

Hi, my name is Musa, I was raised by a single mom under very challenging circumstances. I briefly dropped out of school for a year at the age of 13 then resorting to vending fruits at a local market only to be given a second chance to education by a total stranger! I know too well the pain of seeing other kids go to school when you can't. Today I live an independent and relatively descent life, for Ugandan standards, thanks to that second chance and would like to bring the same Joy to as many less fortunate kids and young adults in my community and beyond. Of particular interest are school dropouts that for reasons ranging from poverty to abuse  have been forced out of school and driven to the margins of society. With no skills, they are more likely to live a very miserable life, more likely get pregnant at every young age, contract HIV/AIDS, engage in prostitution, drug abuse and crime. A program that Skills these school dropouts and reintegrates those still fit back into the formal education system would help them live sustainable lives. To do this, I founded Nest of Joy, a community based organization and embarked on building a skills center where free skills like brick laying, hair styling, tailoring, modern farming practices, craft making among others will be provided to school dropouts for a period of six months and those found to be fit for mainstream education will be reintegrated back when the program is expanded to include a primary and secondary section on the remaining vacant land.

The organization requires your helping hand in completing and equipping the skills center. Volunteers with capacity in construction are highly needed and welcome to work with us to realize this project, other technical assistance particularly in technical and vocational training is also welcome.

We also encourage direct financial support to meet the missing material requirements and we appreciate that there is no amount too little to make an impact.

Become part of our community and experience true African Culture.

Share your knowledge and skills teaching orphaned and other disadvantaged children and young adults or help in our various community outreach programmes all while enjoying Uganda’s unique hospitality and natural beauty.

Volunteers from abroad generally land at Entebbe international airport which is 30 minutes by car to Kampala city center, a few arrive to Kampala by bus from neighbouring countries such as Kenya and Rwanda. Once in Kampala pick up can be arranged. Pick up from the Airport can be arranged but usually at the volunteer’s cost due to limited resources. Generally an Uber from the airport to Kampala city center costs no more than $25. Mini bus Taxis or matatus are way cheaper but not recommended for first time users.

Evenings, weekends and some weekdays are free time for you to enjoy Uganda’s unique hospitality and natural beauty. You can visit the beach in Entebbe, Ssese islands, lake Bunyonyi for birders go on safari in the many game parks, do white water rafting on the Nile, see endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi…and much more!

Volunteering with us is totally free but you are more than welcome to make contributions towards meals and any other forms of support you may deem necessary.