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About us

Nest of Joy is a Non-profit, Non-denomenational organisation. We focus on helping at risk individuals especially children and adolescents. As a Ugandan grassroot foundation we are actively committed to empowering the most vulnerable in our community so that they can flourish as individuals and in turn contribute to the betterment of society.

Nest of Joy focuses it's work within areas of considerable poverty where there is an accumulation of at risk children and young adults. Everyday our assistance is sought by concerned members of the community and local leaders defer cases to us. We purposely seek out the hidden, forgotten, ignored victims of circumstances where our resources can be most beneficial.

Access to schooling is limited by poverty. As a consequence of the economic instability, lack of infrastructure and social inequality, there is a fundamental lack of education throughout Uganda. Children are "chased" from school due to the inability to pay school fees or purchase basic requirements for class attendance such as shoes, food, books, uniforms etc and girls miss out on classes due to inability by their guardians to afford providing catamenial products.

The consequences of poverty and the education crisis is an increasing number of boys being recruited into violent gangs, high rates of child prostitution and teenage pregnancy, the spread of HIV and other STDs, physical and sexual abuse, child exploitation and human trafficking.

Our Vision

Is to see every child enjoying the basic rights to education to a level where they are empowered to benefit from their learned skills.

Our Mission

Is to bring joy to the child, to the family, to the community, to the country and to the world.

Our Conviction

Is that through education we are able to positively impact the future and destiny of these vulnerable children and young adults by giving them a chance of leading a productive and independent life that will culminate into a joy to their communities and the world.

Our Team

We rely on a team of voluntary staff to deliver.
Our team of voluntary staff consists of professionals from a wide range of fields. These include but not limited to educators, Nurses, IT experts among others.

Kayiwa Musa Borek
Founder/Team Leader

Kisuule Tim
Accounts Manager

A M B Macgold
Partnerships Coordinator

Johana Tomaskovicova
Strategic Advisor

Saka Denis
Secretary/Communications Officer

Nabitengero Janat
Youth Program Head

Sekitoleko Esther
Assistant Team Leader

Miss. E. Rose Curl MSc
UK Representative

Masika Alice

Ssettuba Moses
Community Liaison Head

Hakeem Kimbowa
Volunteer Liaison Officer

Namutebi Florence
Guidance and Counseling

Katumba Juma
Project Supervisor

Jeremy Langdon
IT Support Officer

Our Partners