To support the ones who dearly need the kind support
so as they develop into lives they would wish.


To support the ones who dearly need the kind support
so as they develop into lives they would wish.


To support the ones who dearly need the kind support
so as they develop into lives they would wish.


Current Projects

Our work has been made possible by the generosity of our sponsors and the dedication of our team. We are endeavouring to raise more funds so we can increase our capacity to provide the support so desperately needed.

Some of our beneficiaries.


Placements obtained for 10 children. The arrangement allows us to continue enrolling students as others graduate. To date six benificaries have successfully graduated. This years benificaries include 1 boy aged 14 Enrolling in S1. Plus 2 girls aged 14 and 16 readmitted after a year absence due to familial financial circumstances.

Abuse victims:

  • An orphaned Housemaid fired for falling pregnant after being assaulted in the employers home.
  • Suicidal runaway living on the streets suffering from severe physical injuries inflicted by family members

Housemaid Monitoring:

we have been working with the community monitoring at risk young girls since before our official establishment. The plight of this vulnerable group has only just featured in the international media and the Red Cross has finally declared a crisis situation. We ensure the accountability of employers and provide the girls essential support. The video on our homepage details the example of Ampire aged 13.

Community outreach:

  • Organising meetings at the skills academy to discuss community challenges and initialisation of cooperative solutions.
  • Holding sessions to educate on sustainable, organic farming and methods to increase yeild.
  • Establishing a collaborative relationship with HelloVets to develop local animal husbandry.

Nest of Joy Skills Academy

We are seeking for assistance to complete, equip and later expand our skills centre (Nest of Joy Skills Academy) and we have already made significant progress whereby we have a standing structure, more land, bricks, sand, stones and labour already secured.

December 2019

February 2020

What is missing?
Where we need your Assistance

Financial support and volunteers are equally appreciated.

The skills academy.

Extra financial and material support would expediate completion of construction. We need more cement, shutters and to excavate 50 feet for the restrooms. We also need teaching materials; manual sewing machines, cloth, hairdresser supplies. Volunteers are needed to help establishing our demo organic farm and contribute any knowledge of eco sustainable techniques. Volunteers interested in assisting in construction would also be truly appreciated!


Financial aid would enable us to enroll more children into school. Volunteers for teaching support are needed and welcome.


The community will benefit from the completion of the academy. We are also looking for extra funding to mend the community water pump. Volunteers interested in contributing to the community through agriculture, animal care, and primary school teaching are welcome. We appreciate that there's no assistant or contribution too small to make an impact.

If you wish to follow our progress and be updated on our benificaries. We send newsletters, photos, and videos via WhatsApp and email. You can also follow us on Facebook. You can find all our contact details at the bottom of the page.


  • Expansion of the current academy to accommodate at risk boys and diversify the vocational skills education available.
  • Secure more student placements in main stream schools.
  • For the community we wish to build a maize mill. As maize is the most cultivated crop in the area a mill would boost the local economy. This sustainable development would improve the lives of all the people in the community. Dramatically increasing families ability to provide education for their children.
  • Develop 3 more academies so we can provide care in all four regions of Uganda.


You can make a difference in the life of a child. Today. Right now.

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We are an accountable, transparent, and principled organization with the integrity to put all resources to the very causes we stand for and have continuously demonstrated this from inception because we are strongly conscious of the well-meaning efforts of everyone who has shared in this enormous challenge of assisting those needing our helping hand. We have continued to see and hence appreciate that every effort and support is worthwhile.